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New Age Caravans and Walkinshaw Automotive Group - partnering in design and innovation excellence

Today New Age Caravans and Walkinshaw Automotive announced a partnership bringing together two companies known for cutting edge design, innovation and manufacturing excellence.

New Age Caravans is recognised around Australia for moving away from traditional caravan designs to designing and building high quality modern caravans that are a benchmark in the industry. Innovation, quality and high levels of customer service have led to New Age Caravans' significant growth in recent years, generating a "new age" of caravan and camping lifestyle customers.

Walkinshaw Automotive is a recognised leader in the design, engineering, development and marketing of niche automotive vehicles, and this agreement sees Walkinshaw purchasing a stake in New Age Caravans which is expected to be completed in the next month.

The new partnership has evolved over 12 months of discussions, and is built on the existing strengths of New Age Caravans, and a shared vision of innovation in products, materials, and technologies for the caravan and RV sector.

New Age Caravans will continue to be led by Gabby Montagnese as Managing Director and Chair, and caravans will continue to be manufactured in Epping Victoria.

Gabby Montagnese, founder and owner of New Age Caravans explains, "Our partnership with Walkinshaw strengthens our ability to grow and bring new and exciting product lines to our customers. Walkinshaw's experience will help us to accelerate our focus on growth and innovation in caravans - including new materials, engineering and processes."

"We looked at different structures to bring a partnership approach to life, and decided that Walkinshaw taking a significant stake in New Age Caravans made a lot of sense because of the position we have been able to establish in the market, and the unique skills and capabilities they can bring to the table," added Montagnese.

"Passion and creativity are at the heart of every caravan New Age builds - just as it is for every vehicle Walkinshaw creates for our loyal customer base. With our niche automotive experience and a shared focus on R&D from both companies, customers can expect to see some exciting innovations to their caravan and camping lifestyle," said Ryan Walkinshaw, owner of Walkinshaw Automotive.

"We are great admirers of what Gabby has been able to achieve, and taking a stake in New Age is a clear signal of our desire to build on what has already been achieved, and a belief in our ability to assist in the next phase of growth for New Age Caravans." added Walkinshaw.


New Age Caravans is located in Epping, Victoria, producing over 2,000 caravans per year, comprising 11 models with 36 possible layouts. The company employs over 180+ full time staff and over 40 dedicated contractors, with a dealer network covering all states of Australia and New Zealand.

Walkinshaw Automotive Group is a global leader in the design, engineering, development and marketing of performance vehicles, and has significant motor sport interests in Australia and the UK. Walkinshaw also provides consulting engineering and design services to a diverse range of industry participants. Walkinshaw Automotive Group is located in Clayton, Victoria, producing over 3,000 vehicles per year and employing over 200 people.